🤔 🤔 🤔 How do I ask for Advice? 🤔 🤔 🤔
Well…you go to the comment box and ask…:rotfl2:

Ok – so seriously, there are numerous things that the experts here would need to know to provide qualified and helpful advice.

1) First off, we are going to want you to list ALL credit cards you were approved for in the last 24 months. This would include all personal credit cards, store credit cards, business credit cards (but not things such as auto loans, mortgages or debit cards). If you have a spouse (aka Player 2) please also list their cards separately if they are participating in this as well.

The format you should use to do that is as follows:
MM/YY – ISSUER Card Name

  • MM = Month (add a 0 before single digit months to make it look even more uniform)
  • YY = Year
  • Card Name = The Full Card Name (including business or personal if applicable)

11/18 – AMEX Business Gold Rewards
01/19 – CHASE Marriott Personal
04/19 – CHASE Ink Preferred
09/19 – CITI AAdvantage Business
11/19 – CHASE Southwest Business
01/20 – CHASE Southwest Plus

2) Secondly we’ll want to know a little bit about you. Specifically – what you spend, and what you want to earn!

  • What amount of spend would you put on a card monthly (i.e. groceries, gas, insurance, cable, cell phone, other expenses)?
  • Do you currently payoff your CCs in full every month or do you carry any balances/pay any interest?
  • What airport(s) do you typically fly out of?
  • Do you have a preference of Frequent Flyer program?
  • Does SOUTHWEST Airline service your airport?
  • Do you have a Hotel Rewards program preference?
  • Do you currently have travel points or miles in any program? (if so, which programs and how much)
  • What at your specific goals for churning credit cards? (i.e. Disney World Trip, Cruise, European Trip, Cash Back to pay-off a mortgage or student loans, etc. – you can have multiple goals too!)
  • When do you plan to take these trips? (Keep in mind that it can be difficult to earn points/miles to cover imminent travel…it’s best to plan far in advance, especially with regards to international travel)
  • Who does your travel party consist of? (Spouse, Kids (& ages), other relatives/friends)

You DO NOT need to list all of this (or really any of this) info above to ask for advice…just know that the MORE you share, the BETTER the advice we’ll be able to provide. If we feel that you have not provided us enough info, you’ll often be directed back here or met with lots of questions before getting any answers.