Overseas Travel

Overseas Travel There are times when someone goes on their first overseas trip. It will be both thrilling and challenging because you may encounter a very different situation from your hometown. But traveling abroad can provide an interesting experience.

Here are some tips to make your international trip run smoothly:

Hotel name card

The first thing you need to do when you arrive at a hotel abroad is to collect a business card from the receptionist. If you get lost, the card can show the hotel name and address in the local language or need something. It can also make it easier to ask someone or a driver who is driving.

Six month passport rule

Many countries have a rule that the passport expiration period is at least 6 months. So make sure the passport expiration date before going abroad before you get into trouble due to that mistake.

Save cash

The way to get cash is usually through an ATM, but many banks charge a high fee for using ATMs outside of their network. So, having enough cash can be a solution. Don’t take too much, the risk is to have too much local currency left at the end

Credit card

The best exchange rates are often found using a credit card. However, many credit cards will charge a foreign transaction fee, sometimes as high as 3 percent. This is a pointless expense that no traveler should pay.

Scam warning

Tell the credit card company you are using which country you are visiting and on what date. This way, they won’t think the card is stolen and turn it off when they need it most.


It is also important to bring any needed personal medication with you. Because, it might be difficult to find drugs that are commonly consumed in foreign countries.

Travel warning

It’s a good idea to check the State Department travel advisories and alerts for the countries you’re going to. Make an effort to also print the address and contact information of the local embassy.

Foreign airline sites

If your budget is tight and you don’t need to book through a travel agent, check out the websites of foreign airlines in their home countries. They can offer cheaper airfare than other airlines.

Browse data

Set up your phone to avoid international data roaming. In some countries it may be cheaper to use a local communications service provider.

Google Maps

Make sure the app is on the phone. If you don’t have a data plan, prepare travel plans using Wi-Fi at the hotel and then take a screenshot of the map. Later it can be used as a map. So, prepare your overseas travel plans by considering these tips.